self education


PAF has persistently emphasized the need to develop highly qualified and skilled human resource in its ranks. Rules have been formulated for PAF officers to improve their academic qualification through personal efforts, while keeping essential PAF manning level and service requirements in view. Officers, fulfilling the eligibility criteria may apply for permission to take admission (inland / abroad) and study leave, at least 03 months in advance to course / leave commencement date. If permission is granted the officer is to submit admission letter for subsequent issuance of NOC. After taking permission, the officer can apply for any scholarship program (e.g. HEC etc) to sponsor his studies during the period of study leave. In case of sanctioning of full time study / study leave, the officer would not be considered for a service sponsored Post Graduate / PhD courses in the future.


JCOs and airmen may be permitted, keeping in view the service requirements, to take university / board examination during service. For examinations involving preparatory evening classes, JCOs / airmen are required to seek permission of the local commanders. Requests from JCOs and Airmen for attending evening classes are to be entertained only if it is felt that service requirements would not be compromised. The recommended applications of JCOs / airmen who fulfill criteria are to be forwarded for grant of requisite permission.