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Q.1    What is age limit for SPSSC candidates in the PAF?

Ans    Age limit for SPSSC cadre varies from branch to branch. Generally the upper age limit is 30 years.


Q.2    Relaxation in F.Sc marks is permissible or not?

Ans    Relaxation in Acad marks is not permissible.


Q.3    What is the policy for ISSB twice rejected candidates?

Ans    Third chance for ISSB is granted only to higher qualification courses where the requisite criterion is masters in relevant subject.


Q.4    Any waiver in height for GD (P) and CAE candidates in PAF?

Ans    Height criterion for male and female candidates of GD (P) branch is 5 feet 4 inch (163cm) whereas for ground branches it is 5 feet 4 inch for male and 4 feet 10 inch for female. Upto 17 years 4cm and upto 19 years 2.5 cm waiver in lower limit is granted. Beyond 19 years of age, no relaxation in lower height limit. The upper height limit is 188cm. A waiver of 2.5cm is granted in upper height limit. A waiver of 2.5cm is granted in upper height limit.


Q.5    Can a Pakistani with dual nationality can apply for commissioning?

Ans    Yes, he can apply through Embassy of Pakistan. In case of selection he / she has to surrender foreign nationality.


Q.6    Is a candidate with ‘A’ and ‘O’ level eligible to apply for F.Sc courses?

Ans   Yes, however he / she is required to submit an equivalence certificate from Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC).


Q.7    When a candidate can apply for registration in GD (P) and CAE branch?

Ans    Courses are offered twice a year. Tentative dates are January-February and July-August every year.


Q.8    When does the registration of Non GD Courses start?

Ans   Non GD Courses are offered twice a year or depending upon the availability of vacancies. Tentative dates are May and December every year.


Q.9    Can a candidate, who has passed his F.Sc part-I exam apply for commissioning in PAF?

Ans   Yes, he / she can, provided he submits a hope certificate from the head of institution that he would achieve requisite marks in FSc or A level.


Q.10  Which disciplines are offered in SPSSC Engg branch of the PAF?

Ans   Vacancies are offered depending upon the requirement. Generally, the disciplines in which the vacancies are offered are:

  • Aerospace
  • Mechanical
  • Mechatronics
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunication
  • Computer system engineering


Q.11  Preliminary Tests for FSc courses is based upon which subjects?

Ans    Preliminary tests for F.Sc course are based on the following subjects:-

GD(P)/AD/A&SD  :   English, Physics

CAE / Log           :   English, Physics, Maths

Q.12  What is the training duration at PAF Academy Risalpur for F.Sc course?

Ans   Training period is four years. (02 years as aviation cadet and 02 years as officer). Training duration for all long courses is 04 Years.  


Q.13  Is house job necessary for GDMO in the PAF?

Ans    Yes, one year house job is mandatory for MBBS candidates.


Q.14  What is procedure of Appeal Medical Board (AMB)?

Ans   A candidate if declared unfit by CMB can apply for AMB within Four weeks after the declaration of medical result and he has to write application to Assistant Chief of Air Staff (T-O).


Q.15  Is waiver in upper age limit granted?

Ans    Under special circumstances, Chief of the Air Staff can grant waiver of 1 year in upper age and 6 months in lower age limit to exceptionally good candidates.

Q.16  What is the training period at PAF Academy Risalpur for SPSSC officers?

Ans    20 weeks.