Quality of equipment, quality of training and above all quality of men is the cardinal importance for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).  PAF is selective in picking out the right type of young men as pilots to fly modern aircraft. Those who are selected and successfully go through a high standard of academic and professional training can look forward to a rewarding career in General Duty (Pilot) Branch. Engineers selected in PAF play a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing the operational efficiency of Air Force. They lead a team of highly skilled technicians to ensure that all weapon systems operate to the optimum capacity and efficiency. Without Logistic support, even a well-prepared plan cannot be properly executed. In this regard, a well-organized logistic system is essentially required in which meticulous and industrious young personnel render their services and make full use of acquired knowledge related to supply and operational activities. Accurate and rapid information / data processing is a prerequisite for all management, logistic and operational plans and their day-to-day running. Young individuals with talent for computer related work can lead gratifying life as IT officer in the PAF.

An Air Defence officer operates sophisticated radars; acts as the far-seeing eyes of a fighter pilot and often gives the edge to come out victorious in aerial battles.  Efficient and effective Adm1nistration is an intrinsic requirement of combat-oriented service. Intelligent and energetic young personnel in this specialty are chosen. Education officers in PAF make a meaningful contribution in order to groom and train officers to play their role effectively and efficiently. They respond adaptively to a variety of tasks, which they are expected to perform. PAF being a complex organization , requires to manage its finance with the expertise of hard working and painstaking staff of the Accounts Branch.



PAF offers opportunities to those citizens of Pakistan who can make a positive and effective contribution in the finance management, having the flair to deal with figures and details. In the interpretation of PAF law and advising on legal matters, the Legal Branch of the PAF offers cohesive and disciplined functioning. Meteorological officers monitor the vast skies, analyze the seasonal changes and forecast the weather for the efficient flying and accurate combat preparedness of the PAF.
Depending upon requirements, Pakistan Air Force offers three types of Commission in various branches of the PAF in the Officers Cadre like Permanent Commission (PC), Special Purpose Short Service Commission (SPSSC) and Short Service Commission (SSC).