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PAF congratulates you on your excellent choice to join an elite force in the defence forces of Pakistan.  We, the personnel of PAF, have the privilege of fulfilling our dreams.  Whether we fly, operate, maintain or support sophisticated weapon system, we are bonded by our common desire to serve the nation.  PAF is proud of its illustrious past which is chronicled with the blood of heroes like Rafiqui and Minhas.  Moving  to the future, the men and women of PAF are committed to develop a hard-hitting and “second to none” fighting force; that is  the kind of people we are looking for.  The website will give you some idea of the Pakistan Air Force, its induction system and subsequent training. The first thing to be said is that our standards are high and we insist in applying them.  If you are motivated and committed to defend the aerial frontiers of Pakistan while living your life to the fullest in an organization that is the “Pride of the Nation”, then PAF  offers you many career options.

While we endeavour to make induction in the PAF as convenient as possible yet you will have to apply yourself,  mind and soul, to come up to the stipulated standards.  Most of our testing is done on computers and is based on user friendly methods. The induction process is designed not only to evaluate you but also to provide you with a learning experience.  So follow your dreams and put in your best.


Meanwhile, wish you good luck in your endeavours!