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  • Twice rejected by inter services Selection board (ISSB)/ General Headquarters (GHQ) or Naval Headquarters (NHQ) or   Air Headquarters (AHQ) Selection Board (third chance for specific higher qualification courses only)
  • Twice screened out by ISSB / any Service Selection Board
  • Once rejected by ISSB and once rejected by any services' Selection Board
  • Twice rejected by ISSB or any service Selection Board for specific higher qualification course
  • If declared permanently unfit by Armed Forces Appeal Medical Board (AFAMB) for commissioning in PAF/Army/Navy (candidates declared unfit by AFAMB/ AMB/ CMH will remain ineligible until they are declared fit by Appeal Medical Board)
  • If dismissed / removed/ debarred/ from any Government Service including Armed Forces
  • If withdrawn / rejected from any service training institution for the reasons of maladjustment/ disciplinary grounds/ medical unfitness / resignation / release / character. However, candidates withdrawn due to poor performance in academics or lack of flying aptitude are eligible to apply for branches other than the ones they were withdrawn from
  • If convicted by a court of law for any offence (any criminal case registered against)
  • If original academic certificates are found tampered with
  • If concealed any information or have provided incorrect information at the time of filling in application forms
  • Thrice screened out by Army/ Navy/ Air Force in any Preliminary Tests