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PAF explores avenues for re-employment in Govt / Semi-Govt Departments and Fauji Foundation, while Shaheen Foundation explores employment opportunities in private enterprises and abroad based on point system as well as suitability for the job.


Following actions are undertaken to further facilitate the retired personnel

  • Re-employment in PAF, Shaheen Foundation and its subsidiaries, Ministries, Civil Aviation Authority, Private Enterprises including Foreign firms and employment abroad etc.

  • Launching of housing schemes


  • Allotment of agricultural land and residential / commercial plots

  • Extending financial grants to deserving serving / retired and dependents of PAF deceased personnel through Collective Welfare Fund

  • Extending financial grants for the marriages of deserving children of PAF deceased personnel through Sarfraz Rafiqui Welfare Trust Fund

  • Giving Financial Grants / Education Allowance / Scholarships to the dependents of deceased and disabled PAF personnel through Benevolent Funds