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Introduction to Engineering Branch

The Engineering Branch is the backbone of all operational activities undertaken in Pakistan Air Force. PAF operates a wide variety of most modern and sophisticated aircraft and associated weapon systems. The primary function of the Engineering Branch is to plan and execute the maintenance support activities that are necessary to ensure the operational preparedness of the war fighting equipment at the highest level.

The Engineering Branch comprises of three sub-branches with specialization in Aerospace, Avionics and Armament technology. The Aerospace personnel are largely responsible for maintaining the aircraft systems including the fuselage, structures and engines; the Avionics personnel mainly lookafter the ground and airborne radar, communications equipment and navigational aids while the Armament personnel are concerned with the weapons carried on the aircraft, such as guns, bombs and, missiles, etc, alongwith their control and delivery systems. Specialty-wise qualification required for the SSC / SPSSC candidates to apply in any one of the three Engineering Specialties is as under:-


Measurements, Vectors and Equilibrium, Motion and Force, Work, Power and Energy, Circular Motion, Fluid Dynamics, Oscillations, Waves, Physical Optics, Optical Instruments, Heat and Thermodynamics, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current, Physics of Solids, Electronics, Dawn of Modern Physics, Atomic Spectra, Nuclear Physics.

(Reference Books : Physics Book-I & II Published by Punjab Text Book Board)