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Air Defence System School (ADSS) was established in 1978 at PAF Base, Lahore as Air Defence Modernization School (ADMS). Later, the school was renamed as Air Defence System School commonly known as ADSS and was shifted to PAF Walton Lahore in 1987. On 10th September, 2007, consequent to the shifting of HQ CAC to PAF Base Lahore, ADSS was re-located in the previous HQ CAC building at Kirana. The school conducts basic and advance training courses for operational and maintenance personnel on GMCC and high power Radars, communication, uninterrupted power supply systems, power generators and other equipment.

Training Structure

ADSS has a selected team of experienced instructors (officers and airmen) who conduct ops and technical courses for PAF personnel and Foreign Trainees. The instructors follow different instructional techniques keeping in view the service experience of the students. For the basic courses, block building concept of instructions is followed in which system knowledge is imparted to the students with special emphasis on all safety procedures. Theory classes are conducted in environmentally controlled classrooms, where e-lessons are delivered on multimedia utilizing modern training aids. Students are finally tested through e-testing in order to assess their theoretical knowledge. As far as practical training is concerned, students are operationally and technically trained on GMCC, MPDRs and YLC6 sensors (including their related equipment). For this purpose equipment of co located Air Defence units is utilized. Trainees are thoroughly examined at each stage of their practical training for safe handling and maintenance of the systems.


Academic Facilities

ADSS has an independent computer lab with DSL internet facility; this lab is also utilized for e-testing. Moreover, ADSS has an approved library of 1000 books.


Sports  and Co-Curricular Activities

PAF Base Mushaf has all kinds of sports facilities. Sports facilities at officers' mess include a modern Gym, swimming pool, squash and tennis courts. These facilities are extended to the trainee officers. Airmen Trainees also participate actively in Base sports activities. Various co-curricular activities are arranged in coordination with PAF Base Mushaf, aiming to groom the trainees in line with social requirements of service. 


Messing and Accommodation

Messing and accommodation are provided by PAF Base Mushaf to all the trainees of ADSS. Trainee Officers reside at Officers Mess, whereas Airmen Trainees are accommodated at Airmen Mess, PAF Base Mushaf. Same facilities are provided to the foreign trainees in accordance with their ranks/status.