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PAF Air War College is the highest seat of learning in Pakistan Air Force which is located in the busy and bustling city of Karachi. During its formative years, Pakistan Air Force realized the need for an institution which could impart command and staff training to middle-ranking officers in order to prepare them for assumption of higher command and staff appointments. Therefore, in 1958 a Staff College was established at PAF Station, Drigh Road, (now known as PAF Base Faisal). Due to the restructuring of the entire education scheme for the PAF officers and as a result of progressive revision of the syllabi and college curriculum, the complexion of the course had acquired a much higher intellectual base over the years. A need was, therefore, felt for deeper studies of the art of war making and application of air power. After some major structural changes in the course contents, the status of Staff College was raised to that of a War College in September 1986. 

Aim of Training

The aim of the College is to educate air leaders in doctrine, policy, strategy and air power employmentconcepts with the vision of becoming an info-age college founded on knowledge, innovation and excellence. Our coveted core values are intellect, ingenuity and cognition.

Training Structure

PAF Air War College concurrently conducts two courses; the Senior Command and Staff Course and the Air War Course. 


The Senior Command & Staff Courses

Senior Command & Staff Course (SC&SC) is based on a one year correspondence element and an eleven week resident element. Staff Wing of Air War College conducts the Senior Command and Staff Course (SC&SC) for mid-career officers from all branches of Pakistan Air Force, Army, Navy and allied countries. Successful graduates are awarded the ‘psa’ symbol and BSc (Hons) degree in War Studies.

Air War Course

War Wing conducts an intense 45 weeks Air War Course spread over three terms of 15 weeks each. After the culmination of the course, the graduates are awarded “Fellow of Air War College” (fawc) certificates and MSc degree in Strategic Studies. Currently, the College is affiliated with the National Defence University, Islamabad.


Instruction Methodology

The instructions at the air war college are imparted on the university tutorial system modified to meet PAF’s requirements. There are no formal examinations but there is a grading system in practice. The criteria for assessment are based on the course members’ day-to-day work. The typical study activities comprise lectures, discussions, presentations, spoken and written exercises, seminars, workshops and study tours. Air War College has a rich automated library having more than 18,000 books and Internet facility. In addition to thousands of books, there are about 56 magazines and periodicals, as well as videos and CDs in the library.

Messing / Accommodation and Sports Facilities

The Air War College provides excellent service accommodation and other allied facilities to all members of Air War Course and Senior Command Staff Course for the duration of the courses. The Air War College hosts a modern, well-equipped fitness centre, tennis, volleyball courts, and an exercise track. Furthermore, within the bounds of Karachi city, there are many other recreational facilities which cater for most tastes.


Co-Curricular Activities

Air War College encourages an active social programme for course members. Other than for a number of organized functions, the details are generally left to the course members to determine. The College also invites spouses to actively participate in the social life of the course throughout the year. To give an idea of some of the functions, the social program each year include activities like International Gourmet, Musical Evenings and Tambola Nights.

International Gourmet Musical Evenings Tambola Nights 


Educational Visits

The curriculum of the College also includes visits to a wide array of significant organisation and places of military and non-military nature.


Military Organizations

Non - Military Organizations

                              Foreign Study Tour