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The College is an integral part of PAF Academy Risalpur. It is established to equip Aviation Cadets with basic flying skills along with sound academics / professional background and comprehensive general service training. The history of College of Flying Training (CFT) dates back to independence of Pakistan. Flying Training School was set up in September, 1947 while realizing the need for a national system of pilot's training. With the shifting of College of Aeronautical Engineering to Risalpur, organization of the Academy had a major change and CFT became a constituent part of Academy.


Training Structure

In CFT, cadets go through flying / academic training for 4 years, which eventually leads to the award of BS in Aviation Sciences and Management. For flying training, the college has two types of trainer aircraft i.e. Mushshak (MFI-17) and T-37. Recently another jet trainer K-8 has also been added to the training fleet of the college. Directorate of Studies looks after the academic side of the training. The directorate has four main departments namely Department of Aero Sciences, Department of Humanities, Department of Aviation Sciences and Department of Administration and Air Space Management. General service training and character building is looked after by Military Training Wing.


 MFI-17  K-8  T-37 


Instructional Methodology 

Method of instructions is based on classroom lectures, which are delivered with the help of modern training aids. Use of mock-ups, actual components and laboratories help in enhancing practical experience. Hands-on-Training on aircraft and visits to operational Bases are also organized. Computers are used at almost all levels of training.


Examination System

Semester system of assessment is followed for measuring the aviation cadets' academic and professional competence.  To achieve this objective, the students are given periodic quizzes, open book or closed book tests, and home assignments in each semester. At the end of each semester, the students are also given a final comprehensive examination. The weightage of classroom tests, quizzes etc. (semester work) is 40% and counts towards the overall performance of an Aviation Cadet.



Along the academics, cadets undergo comprehensive flying training which is carried out in Primary Flying Training (PFT) Wing and Basic Flying Training (BFT) Wing of the Academy. Instructional staff at CFT is a selected lot who are chosen amongst the best PAF pilots. They are very experienced and are specially trained in instructional techniques.