College of Aviation Safety Management (CASM) is the premier institute of Pakistan Air Force imparting aviation safety training to the personnel of Pakistan armed forces, allied countries, and commercial aviation organizations. Till date, more than 8,000 participants have successfully graduated belonging to Pakistan armed forces, 27 allied countries, civil aviation industry, and Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. The graduates of the college have found their careers world-wide in safety, quality, human factor, and investigation departments of different militaries, airlines, regulatory authorities, and corporate/general aviation. Over the period, CASM has established itself as the regional center of excellence in the realm of aviation safety training.



To be the premier academia for a homogeneous and progressive aviation safety culture in the Pakistan Air Force.



To indoctrinate aviation safety through edification in the Pakistan Air Force.


Core Values

Intelligibility, Ingenuity, Determination.



CASM was established in 1984 as Institute of Air Safety at PAF Base Masroor, Karachi. Soon after inception, it was affiliated with the University of Karachi for granting Certificate in Aviation Safety. The institute crossed a major milestone with its recognition as an approved training organization by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority in 2015. To fulfill the growing industry needs of safety training, the institute expanded from two courses in 1984 to seven different type of courses today. The institute was upgraded to College of Aviation Safety Management in 2017 and became a constituent academic institute of Air University, Pakistan. Today, the College is conducting courses throughout the year along with three types of postgraduate diplomas approved by Air University and duly recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan. The College is also a corporate member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI)—a worldwide organization overseeing air safety investigations.


Crash Laboratory

The college has a comprehensive crash laboratory making it the only full scenario-based accident investigation training facility not only in Pakistan but in South Asia as well. Multiple wreckages of real military and commercial aircraft accidents were brought and recreated to give course participants a hands-on experience of investigating an accident. Besides this, the college also has numerous exhibits of aircraft engines and components that serve the purpose of co-relating theory with real-time failures. The inventory of exhibits is continually updated.





Main role & task of the College of Aviation Safety Management is to assimilate the new concepts related to the aviation safety followed by imparting the same to course attendees. To achieve this aim, the college periodically reviews its course content in line with the contemporary developments in the field. Moreover, a foreign qualified faculty plays an instrumental role in integrating latest techniques into the course syllabi. Following are the national subscribers of the college:-



Pakistan Air Force

Pakistan Army

Pakistan Navy

Civil Aviation Authority

Pakistan International Airline

Shaheen International Airline

Air Blue

Serene Air

Society of Air Safety Investigators

Edhi Air Ambulance, Karachi

Aircraft Sales and Services (Pvt.) Ltd

Oil & Gas Development Company

NUST, Pakistan

Pakistan Aviators and Aviation (Pvt) Ltd

Hybrid Aviation

Pakistan National Shipping Corporation




Besides national subscribers, personnel from other countries also attend courses at CASM on regular basis. The college receives participants from following 27 countries, therefore, making it a reputable institute:-
















Saudi Arabia





Sri Lanka














After its affiliation with Air University, the college offers postgraduate diplomas and courses as mentioned below:-


Postgraduate Diploma



Eligibility Criteria

Safety Management (Aviation)

Flight Safety Officers (FSO)

7 weeks

Pilots and Navigators.

Safety Management    System (SMS)

2 weeks

Senior Pilots, Engineers, ATCOs, and Aviation Safety Managers.

Aircraft Accident Investigation

Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAI)

6 weeks

Pilots, Navigators, and Engineers.

Human Factor in Aviation Safety (HFAS)

2 weeks

Pilots, Navigators, Engineers, ATCOs, Meteorologists, Psychologists, and Flight Surgeons.

Maintenance Safety Management (Aviation)

Aircraft Technical Investigation (ATI)

3 weeks

Engineers / Technicians

Quality Assurance Management System (QMS)

2 weeks

Pilots, Navigators, Engineers, and ATCOs

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

2 weeks

Officers / Technicians of all cadres, especially engine, airframe, electromech, ramp supervisors, and safety/shift incharges.

Note:- Each course is offered twice in a calendar year


Click here for detailed information on courses and postgraduate diplomas




Academic Facilities

The college is well-equipped in lines with a modern training facility.

  • A modern classroom with multimedia training aids
  • Real scenario-based Crash Laboratory for practical demonstration and exercises
  • A fully equipped computer laboratory for research and e-testing
  • Library with books, journals, and magazines
  • Demonstration consoles for aircraft components
  • High speed internet and wi-fi connectivity
  • Printing facility


Lodging and Extracurricular Facilities

Every effort is made to ensure the stay as comfortable as possible. The participants reside in the Officers’ Mess (five minutes’ drive from CASM) of the PAF Base Masroor equipped with all the necessities of life. Dining hall in the Mess provides meals for the participants. Moreover, participants can also enjoy the ambience and scrumptious food at a local coffee shop and eatery. Officers’ Mess is also highly resourceful in recreational facilities. Participants can join social gatherings arranged for the officers and families residing at the Base. Furthermore, 24/7 medical care is available in a hospital situated at a walking distance from the residential blocks. Besides enjoying their stay at the Base, students also get the opportunity to visit the hustling and bustling city of Karachi. Depending upon the prevailing security situation, students are provided with transport and necessary administrative support for their visit to shopping areas, local restaurants, and recreational sites of Karachi—the largest city of Pakistan.


Sports and Fitness Amenities

The sports complex, situated at a walking distance from residential area, provides excellent indoor/outdoor sports and fitness facilities for course participants. Some are:-


  • A well-equipped gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Squash Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Badminton Complex
  • Basketball Courts
  • Recreational Parks and Jogging Tracks
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Snooker/Pool


Educational and Recreational Visits

College of Aviation Safety Management endeavors to provide a holistic experience to course participants. Educational visits are arranged to further the learning of students. Depending upon the type of course, visits are planned to PAF installations, overhaul depots, Civil Aviation Authority, Pakistan International Airlines, and other industrial setups. Administrative support is also extended for visiting historical places and scenic beaches of Karachi.




For more information, please contact:-


College of Aviation Safety Management

PAF Base, Masroor

Karachi (Pakistan)

Tel:- 021-99523400 Ext: 7701

Fax No 02199241302