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The primary objective underlying a wholesome training paradigm at JC&SS is the transformation of the officers into dedicated professionals, effective military leaders and enlightened human beings. The well-tailored study material caters for the intellectual growth, moral uplift, academic refinement and professional development of the student-officers. The JC&SS grooms the young officers of the PAF and allied forces to face the challenges of modern time by promoting a culture conducive to professional soundness. Junior Command & Staff School is located at PAF Camp, Badaber. It is situated approximately 12 kilometers from Peshawar International Airport and 15 kms from main Bus Stand of the city.


Aim of Training

The role of Basic Staff Wing is to impart 1st tier staff training to young PAF officers, as well as the officers from allied countries. It is tasked to train junior officers for command and staff duties commensurate with their seniority. The Junior Staff Wing is assigned the role to prepare mid-career PAF officers for command and staff responsibilities compatible with their appointments and experiences. It has the specific task to conduct junior command and staff courses. 

Courses Offered 

The Junior Command & Staff School (JC&SS) has two separate wings, the Basic Staff Wing (BSW) and Junior Staff Wing (JSW). The Adm1nistrative and functional control of the JC&SS is exercised by Commandant, Air War College, PAF.



Basic Staff Course

Basic Staff Course is designed to equip officers with an adequate level of awareness about the environment and working of the PAF to lay the foundation for their future staff and command appointments. Officers of 3-4 years of service are detailed for Basic Staff course.    


Junior Command & Staff Course

This course is further build up on the objective of basic staff course with the view to provide them working knowledge to affectively handle command and staff appointments compatible with their service experience. Officers of 6-7 years of service are detailed for Junior Command course. 


Training Structure and Facilities



Class room Library e-Testing room