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Pre-Trade Training School (PTTS), one of the oldest units of Pakistan Air Force, is located at Kohat, a beautiful and historical city of Khyber Pukhtun Khwa Province. It has a long and glorious history. This institution commenced its splendid journey soon after the independence of our beloved homeland Pakistan in 1947, at Drigh Road (now Faisal) under the name of ‘Recruits Training Centre’. It was shifted to Lahore in 1948. The same year it moved to Kohat and was redesignated as ‘Recruits' Training School’. With the conversion of Recruits and Apprentices entries into Aero Support and Aero Technician streams respectively in December 1987, it was renamed as Pre-Trade Training School. Almost all airmen of PAF have undergone training at this premier institution besides trainees of various friendly countries who went back fully satisfied and confident after training, to undertake all challenges in their own countries.


Training Objectives 

To meet the modern times challenges, the role and task of the unit is to impart basic training to the newly inducted trainees in three different entries in a year. Academic training is based on conceptual learning, conducted by qualified instructors using modern techniques.


Training Activities

Mainly, the training is divided into two portions, which are complementary to each other. These parts are:-



Academic training includes teaching of English, Physics, Mathematics, Islamic Studies, Pak Studies and Computer Fundamentals. For this purpose, qualified Education Instructors are employed. A highly conducive and encouraging classroom environment is maintained 


General Service Training

To instill a sense of courage and weapon handling discipline amongst the trainees. Special emphasis on drill through saluting test, Inter -Sqn Drill Competition and Inter- Sqn Firing competition are conducted



Use of Modern Technology in Classroom

Classrooms are well-furnished and spacious. Each classroom has been renovated and new lighting system, along with exhaust fans, fans and arm chairs have been provided to make the environment highly favorable for learning. Neat and clean atmosphere has been made available. White writing boards and markers are used in the classes. Furthermore, multimedia, screen and computers are used in each classroom for the Computer Based Instructions (CBI). 


Training Facilities


Ref and Tech Library

The role and task of library is to provide maximum facilities for reading, research in all subjects. A well-stocked library which includes 19000 books on science, technology, medical, religion, history, language and literature are available to help the trainees to develop their knowledge-base and reading habits. Moreover, library also provides three magazines and four newspapers.

Language Lab

This lab provides opportunities to listen and watch the English language communication through audio and video facilities. The existing language lab Wicom-2000 was established in 2001 with thirty-six booths. The aim is to enhance the communicative competence and comprehension level of English in the trainees.


Berlitz Language Lab

A new language lab having 31 computers with Berlitz language software has been established for teaching English language to the trainees on modern lines. 


Science and Computer Labs

Two latest computer labs consisting of 61 computers have been established. Qualified JCOs of IT branch are teaching computer basics to the trainees. The unit has a well-equipped Physics Laboratory. The trainees make use of these labs as per schedule to increase their practical knowledge.


Messing and Accommodation

Good quality food is provided in the trainees’ messes. Water purification system is available in the messes to provide fresh and quality water. Special dinner is served in the messes on every weekend in which trainees eat a variety of food. Sweet dish and fruits are also provided after lunch / dinner. Bedding and clothing of summer and winter is provided to the trainees. Hot water facility has also been provided in all the squadrons for the provision of hot water to the trainees during winter.


Sports & Co-Curricular Activities

Daily games are supervised in the evening. Sports gears have been provided to the squadrons for keeping sense of competition alive among the trainees. Inter Squadron sports contest are being held to inculcate the sense of competition in the trainees.